On-Slope Refreshment

If you suddenly feel hungry after your excellent performance, stop at the snack bar “Na Svahu“ to have some quick refreshment directly on the slope. You’ll find it only a few steps away from the 6-seat chairlift top station. It’s situated on the ski run Na Flocha, in a place where it splits into Ski Run No. 2 – Rekreačná and Ski Run No. 3 – Flochova. You can have a quick meal and a cup of coffee or tea. Or you can pick one of the cold non-alcoholic drinks on the menu. It’s simply a good snack bar.

Drop by, refresh yourself and keep on skiing!

22 °C
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+421 /43/ 430 6000
(Dostupná od 7:30 do 16:00)

(Horská záchranná služba)
18 300

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