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Slovak Chamber Theatre

The Slovak Chamber Theatre was established in 1944 as the second professional theatre company in Slovakia. If cultural experience is something that you long for, on the official website you'll certainly find a show worth seeing. The theatre is located in the centre of Martin, right opposite the glass Millenium building.


It's getting dark and you're gonna hit the club tonight! It takes only a few-minute drive by car (or taxi, City Taxi, phone: +421 902 333 233, +421 905 333 255) to reach Panter Club (Strojár building, Vajanského Square 1, Martin), enter Alpia Night Club (Alexandrova Street 1, Martin) or pick any other place from the vast variety of bars, pubs and clubs downtown.

22 °C
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+421 /43/ 430 6000
(Dostupná od 7:30 do 16:00)

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