Museum of Slovak Village, Martin

Museum of Slovak Village is the largest ethnological open-air exhibition in Slovakia. It takes you back in time to show you the way of life in Slovakia from the second half of the 19th century up to the pre-WW 2 period. You'll find out more about traditional rustic folk architecture and housing, as well as the lifestyle in the Slovak. The museum currently boasts 143 objects, out of which 22 are available to visitors. You can walk around the place on your own, equipped with the provided guidebook, or take a guided tour that takes around 1.5 hour. The museum is open from 10:00 to 14:30 every day except Mondays and Sundays (November-April). There are also quite a few attractive events held in here regularly. Don't worry, you'll be notified well in advance on our Winter Park Martinky facebook profile. Distance from Winter Park Martinky: 20 km, approx. 30 minutes by car.

Slovak National Literary Museum, Slovak National Library

The exposition in the Slovak National Literary Museum will take you through centuries of Slovak literature development. You’ll be impressed by the original artworks created by Slovak painters, historical furniture and various writing equipment used in the past. Precious ancient Slavic texts, codices, incunabula and other priceless scriptures are introduced in the facsimile form (accurate reproductions). The museum is housed in the original building of the Slovak National Library, also known as Matica slovenská. The permanent exhibition is open for public from Tuesday to Saturday, 8:00 to 16:00. Distance from Winter Park Martinky: 18.5 km.

National Cemetery

The National Cemetery in Martin is a national culture heritage site. It’s the final resting place of many important personalities of Slovak history who played important roles in the development of Slovak language, culture and literature, both home and abroad. Apart from the fact that among those buried here are the likes of Karol Kuzmány, Janko Kráľ, Martin Kukučín, Jozef Cíger Hronský, Maša Haľamová and others, the site is attractive visually as well. There are over 3,500 gravestones worth noticing. Some of them might look simple but they are in fact interesting from the historical point of view. The others were made by well-known Slovak artists and architects. Distance from Winter Park Martinky: 19 km.


In the village of Mošovce, you can spend some unforgettable time by taking a walk through the local park. It’s not just a usual park, but rather a typical English park, where groups of trees give way to grassy meadows and ponds. Covering 16.5 hectares, it belongs to the largest parks in Central Slovakia. Furthermore, one of the most remarkable monuments of the Turiec region - a Rococo-Classical Manor House, is located inside. The park was founded by baron Révay, probably even before the building of the new manor house was started. Distance from Winter Park Martinky: 37 km.

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