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The ramains of castle Sklabiňa can be found above the village Sklabinský Podzámok, some 27 km from Winter Park Martinky. The castle was built in the early 13th century on the site of an old fort. In 1327 it became the seat of the Turiec County. Between 1610 and 1612 it was expanded by a Renaissance manor house. The place remained the seat of the Turiec County up until 1850’s, when it moved to Martin.

Gaderská and Blatnická valleys. The starting point for the enjoyable trips to these two valleys of Veľká Fatra mountains is a village called Blatnica, situated 33 km from Winter Park Martinky. The valleys are deeply cut into the limestone and dolomite rocks, resembling canyons. The Blatnická Valley is the point of departure for tourists heading to the area of Krížna and Kráľova studňa, situated on the main ridge of Veľká Fatra mountains. From here, you can even reach the impressive limestone massif Tlstá (1,374 m) and Ostrá (1,246 m). Back down in the valley you can also find the remains of Blatnica castle.


If you feel like watching a movie, why not visit the a cinema in Martin. The address of Moskva Cinema is Moskovská Street 1 and Strojár Cinema resides on Vajanského Square 1. In the latter one you can also visit Movie Club Alternatíva.

If you like to relax by shopping, you’ll definitely appreciate finding all under one roof in Shopping Centre Tulip.

For more information on current events in Martin and thea area visit Kam do mesta.

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