Why will I choose Martinky?


  • There were usually over 130 days of skiing on natural snow in previous seasons, so I can really ski on real snow and not just “snow“,
  • There are 6 transport facilities in Winter Park Martinky including one 6-seat chairlift, so I don’t have to stand in line all the time,
  • There are 11 perfectly and daily prepared ski runs, so I don’t ride down the same hill over and over again,
  • free parking space is situated right under the ski runs and the parking lots are well-maintained, so there’s no need to worry about where to park my car,
  • Winter Park Martinky offers special prices for families with children, family skipasses,
  • There’s a wide range of discounts on ski passes, so it’s likely I won’t have to pay the full price,
  • Ski lift for children is free of charge, so my kids can spend the whole day with their little friends,
  • In case of an accident I will be helped by the Mountain Rescue Service, so I feel safe,
  • There is a sufficient number of toilets with hot water supply for free, so I don’t have to wander through the forest,
  • I can find snack bars and refresh myself right on the ski runs, so I don’t waste my time looking for a place to eat or drink,
  • Next to the ski run Javorina there’s a splendid SB & FS Arena, so if I need some action I can get loads of it there,
  • The ski resort provides various services including ski service, ski school, snowboard school, ski kindergarten and ski & snowboard rental, so I can rely on specialists who will take care of me, my children and my equipment,
  • There’s a free Hot Spot – WiFi internet connection – available, so I can immediately send greetings to my friends and tell them Winter Park Martinky is really cool!

22 °C
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