On this page we are bringing you answers to the questions we get from Winter Park Martinky visitors. If you also have a question and don’t know the answer yet, don’t hesitate to fill out this form. We’ll get back to you and publish the answer here.

Where are the toilets? They are not marked properly!

New toilets are located in two places. You will find them either between the central parking lot and ticket offices or a few meters away from the Aprés Ski Bar.

At the moment a new orientation and information system of Winter Park Martinky is in preparation. We are working on the ski run marking, as well. It will take a few more days but afterwards no such problems will be occuring.

Will the planned 8-seat cabin cableway be included in the price of tickets?

This is really a premature question, but a full-day skipass will most likely include all transport facilities, thus also the cabin cableway.

Will you manage to modernize the access road?

The original question was too long to fit into the title, so here it is in full:

“Hello, I’ve always liked Martinky but there’s no way in the world I can get my family up there with me – they have a panic fear of the access road. I don’t think the cabin cableway will be a solution for everyone in the future. Do you think you will be able to turn the access road into a really safe and modern one in the near future or are you prepared to do so? Best wishes…”

No, we do not think so. The development concept of the ski resort does not count on reconstruction or construction of a new access road. This option would collide with some fundamental issues. This page is not a place to analyze them all in detail, but just to name a few: ownership rights, construction costs of a new standard road, environmental protection laws and last but not least - limited space for new parking lots in Martinské Hole at the altitude of 1,200 m above sea level (static traffic). The cabin cableway is the most reasonable and standard option of how to safely get skiers and snowboarders to Winter Park Martinky.

Will the planned 8-seat cabin cableway go all the way up to Rotunda or will its terminal station be located down at the parking lot?

According to the ski resort study, the terminal station is supposed to stand in the area of the present-day parking lots. Visitors will be transported to the top by ski lifts.

Why do you restrict the purchase of family skipass to the family members sharing the same last name?

At the request of several visitors, we have modified the terms of family skipass sale. If you want to buy a family skipass now, last names of the family members have to match OR the place of residence has to be the same. The parents have to submit their ID cards, their children’s insurance cards and at the same time the children have to be eligible for the children discount. The family skipass is then valid for two adults (a husband and a wife, two partners) and the maximum of two children.

Thank you for a valuable suggestion.

Is the snowboard park open yet?

Yes, the park is already built up and ready thanks to our partners from the snowboard school and rental.

Is it possible to use my pay card?

Yes, we accept all commonly used pay cards in two of our three ticket offices. The ticket office without this option is specially marked.

Do you write these questions yourself? It looks quite unnatural.

As you can see, we do not. Your question would otherwise not end up here.

Why will I choose Martinky?


  • There were usually over 130 days of skiing on natural snow in previous seasons, so I can really ski on real snow and not just “snow“,
  • There are 6 transport facilities in Winter Park Martinky including one 6-seat chairlift, so I don’t have to stand in line all the time,
  • There are 11 perfectly and daily prepared ski runs, so I don’t ride down the same hill over and over again,
  • A free parking space is situated right under the ski runs and the parking lots are well-maintained, so there’s no need to worry about where to park my car,
  • Winter Park Martinky offers special prices for families with children, family skipasses,
  • There’s a wide range of discounts on ski passes, so it’s likely I won’t have to pay the full price,
  • Ski lift for children is free of charge, so my kids can spend the whole day with their little friends,
  • In case of an accident I will be helped by the Mountain Rescue Service, so I feel safe,
  • There is a sufficient number of toilets with hot water supply for free, so I don’t have to wander through the forest,
  • I can find snack bars and refresh myself right on the ski runs, so I don’t waste my time looking for a place to eat or drink,
  • Next to the ski run Javorina there’s a splendid SB & FS Arena, so if I need some action I can get loads of it there,
  • The ski resort provides various services including ski service, ski school, snowboard school, ski kindergarten and ski & snowboard rental, so I can rely on specialists who will take care of me, my children and my equipment,
  • There’s a free Hot Spot – WiFi internet connection – available, so I can immediately send greetings to my friends and tell them Winter Park Martinky is really cool!

Who will help me in case I get hurt while skiing?

Winter Park Martinky have made a contract with professionals from the Mountain Rescue Service. The ticket price includes insurance that covers assistance of the Mountain Rescue Service.


(in the picture there is a Mountain Rescue Service helicopter on its way to an injured skier, 18/01/2009, Winter Park Martinky)

Is the 2-day ticket valid for any two days or two consecutive days?

The 2-day ticket is valid for two consecutive days - the day of purchase and the following day. It is particularly suitable for weekends.

Do you read comments on Martinky in the media or on the net and respond to them?

Yes, we do. Feedback is very important to us. We closely monitor comments of our visitors and we try to learn from the mistakes they point out. We immediately correct what is wrong (e. g. last time there was a problem concerning unshoveled parking lots). On the other hand we are often unhappy about comments that some anonymous internet users post. There is no point in responding to such nonsense attacks. We would be glad if the skiers and visitors addressed their remarks and suggestions directly to us, for example through this FAQ Section.

As we mention in the answer to a different question, we know that not everything in our ski centre works optimally. At the same time, we want to say that we are building, taking care, investing. We value every single visitor who supports us in our effort and decides to spend some time in our resort, regardless of whether they praise us or draw our attention to the things we should do better.

Is it possible to connect to the net somewhere in Martinky?

Yes, it is. There is a free WiFi Hot Spot in the centre at your disposal. Anyone with a Wi-Fi enabled device (iPhone, laptop, etc.) can use it.

Why isn’t the chairlift top station built at the very top, below the transmitter tower, but instead much lower?

The top chairlift station is right where it is because we want to make sure it can operate even under unfavourable weather conditions. If we built it at the top next to the transmitter tower, it might be frequently out of operation due to strong wind. By constructing it like this we ensured that the weather effects are eliminated to a large extent.

What are the plans for development of Martinské Hole area?

According to preliminary estimates, the investor plans to invest approx. € 66 million (Sk 2 billion). In the first stage, the crucial part is to build a new transport facility which will make Winter Park Martinky accessible from Martin – Stráne. It is going to be an 8-seat cabin cableway together with the necessary infrastructure. The start date of construction is not known yet. It might begin in two years or later. Things will become clearer as soon as the talks on financing possibilities are over. The cableway will be followed by the longest ski run covered with artificial snow in Slovakia. The plan further includes new ski lifts, another chairlift and completion of new ski slopes. We will be gradually building new catering facilities, hotel infrastructure, fun park, summer park, cross-country skiing tracks and numerous related structures. This way we want to give an unambiguous answer to all the doubters: Yes, we are serious about Martinky and we have not come here just to get rich quickly!

Why is Winter Park Martinky not keeping up with the best ski resorts in Slovakia, let alone with the foreign ones, in terms of quality of services?

Unfortunately, no one invested in the ski centre in Martinské Hole for a long time. Only recently the ownership rights were consolidated, at last a new investor stepped in and began to renovate the centre. It was our priority to make sure that the skiers do not have to wait in lines for the transport facilities. In 2008/2009 season we increased the transport capacity by 100 % and built a snow-making system covering “Flochova” ski run with artificial snow. The investment costs of this project exceeded 6.7 million Euros. We put up new bathrooms, an après ski bar, a fast food restaurant right on the ski run, opened a ski service, ski rental, school and kindergarten, extended the parking space and bought back the partially constructed buildings in Martinské Hole area. We also performed a lot of activities which are not apparent but essential for the further development of Winter Park Martinky. All of it was done to stabilize the situation, start the season off as good as it gets under the given conditions and begin to catch up with other ski resorts.

Things got complicated when the banks lost interest in ski projects – including ours – as a result of the recent financial crisis. We were faced with a new problem, which was to secure financing of development. After all, we succeeded in doing so.

Of course we know there is a lot to catch up on in comparison with some other ski resorts. We listen to the opinions of people, visitors, skiers and we act upon them if possible. In any case we are building Martinky again, which is good news. We are sorry to read comments on the internet saying we do not care about Martinské Hole and the only thing we want is to exploit people and get rich quickly. Simple calculations speak clearly. They tell us how many tickets need to be sold in order to at least get back the invested funds plus the price of money. A reasonable person understands that the return on investment is long-term. Construction and operation of a ski centre is a long-distance run that requires small gradual steps. We have to be careful not to invest more than our financial analyses allow us. Unlike other ski resorts, we want to maintain a long-term sustainability of development (not to go bankrupt in a few seasons). The investor can just dream of fast money-making and such comments can be posted only by people who lack insight into the basics of ski resort economics.

So to give you a brief answer: Because the process of construction has started just recently after many years of stagnation and it is not possible to invest more assets at a time than you can gain according to the financial plan.

Where can I get something to eat in Martinky (hot meals and service)?

We recommend you to try restaurants in Hotel Martinské Hole and huts Martinské Hole or Magistrát.

Is it necessary to buy a skipass for the children lift?

No, visitors can use it for free.

How many stars does Winter Park Martinky have according to the ski resort categorization?

Unfortunately, up to date (November 2009) we have only three stars. Our ambition is to re-classify Winter Park Martinky and make it a four-star ski resort, because we have met one of the principal conditions – we have already built a chairlift. To receive a 4-star rating, besides ski lifts and groomed slopes a ski resort has to offer some possibilities of refreshment, snack bar with a place to sit, sanitary facilities, website with a webcam feature, ski rental, infocentre, chairlift, ski school and kindergarten, ski service, panoramic map, printed materials with information about the resort, restaurant with service etc.

Since we meet all these requirements, we believe that soon we will receive the fourth star. After completion of the cabin cableway we will aspire to become a five-star ski resort.

Is there any price reduction for families with children?

Yes, there is. As well as in the past, in season 2009/2010 we offer special tickets – family skipasses - to families with children. The whole three- or four-member family can ski all day from as low as € 42. It means that your children can ski for free. For more information about this offer see Pricelist.

Are you preparing any new ski runs?

New ski runs are related to the general development concept of Winter Park Martinky ski resort. Soon a study will be published on this website. There you will be able to see how our ski centre will look like after each investment stage. However, construction of new ski runs depends not only on our plans but also on the agreement with land owners. Therefore, it is a time-consuming process.

Have you built the snow-making system yet? What about the snow in Martinské Hole?

The first stage of construction of the snow-making facilities is over. As a part of Winter Park Martinky development, another stages are in preparation – e.g. we will be able to cover the whole ski run down to Martin - Stráne with artificial snow. Building of the snow-making system will be closely linked to the construction of new transport facilities.

As for the natural snow, there was no need of artificial snow over the last season (2008/2009). Our ski centre counts among the few with 100 % natural snow coverage, which is good news for all the fans of skiing. In the 2007/2008 winter we had 134 days of skiing without any artificial snow.

Why did you rename Martinské Hole to Martinky?

Martinské Hole is still Martinské Hole. It is the name of the location and it remains the same, we did not change it. We only gave a new name to the ski resort. Before we began using the new name, we tested how people responded to it. We also asked you to tell us if you liked the new logo. Winter Park Martinky is thus the name of a place in Martinské Hole where you can perfectly enjoy yourself in winter. Moreover, we are currently working on new activities we will offer to you in Summer Park Martinky in the summer time.

What are the working hours of the ski lifts and chairlifts?

They are operated daily from 8:30 to 15:30.

Why don’t you gravel the access road?

We are not allowed to gravel the access road from Vrútky to Martinské Hole due to environmental protection regulations.

Do I need snow chains to get to Winter Park Martinky?

Yes, always bring them with you. As you enter the access road from Vrútky to Martinské Hole, a member of our staff will notify you in case you have to put them on. This might also apply to 4WD vehicles, especially on their way back. We would like to ask all Martinky visitors for tolerance. It is necessary to follow the instructions of our employees who are in charge of the traffic flow in Martinské Hole. We take care of your safety as well as the safety of other visitors to Winter Park Martinky. To find out more on the traffic system in Martinské Hole click here.

Will there ever be a skibus, transporting skiers from Žilina directly to the ski centre?

Yes, there will be. At least it is our intention, but not before the 8-seat cabin cableway from Martin is up and running. In the present situation we are not able to ensure that the bus gets all the way up to Martinské Hole. There is no sense in transporting skiers to Vrútky, where the access road starts. They do not have any possibility to get to Winter Park Martinky without a car.

I haven’t found the answer to my question here. What am I supposed to do?

Please fill out the form you will find on this link. If we know the answer, you will find the reply in the FAQ section as soon as possible.

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