White Code

RESPECT FOR OTHERS – Ski or ride carefully and considerately. Be aware of people around you and avoid causing health or life hazard to yourself or the others.

CONTROL OF SPEED & RIDING – Adjust the speed and the way of skiing or snowboarding to your abilities with respect to the terrain, snow, weather and traffic conditions.

CHOICE OF ROUTE – Pick your route carefully and be prepared to handle changing situations with skiers, snowboarders and the hill itself. If you are skiing behind someone it is your responsibility to ski around them without causing any danger to them.

OVERTAKING – It is allowed to overtake from the right or the left side provided that a person being overtaken has sufficient space for their direction and style of skiing or riding. The overtaking person bears the responsibility. If you ski from side to side allow faster skiers and riders to use the left edge of the run.

STARTING AND ENTERING – Every skier entering the run or starting after a halt is obliged to check the run above and below them to avoid any possible collision and exposing of themselves or others to risk.

STOPPING – It is forbidden for anybody moving on the ski run to stop without a reason in the bottlenecks and blind spots of a ski run. If you fall down in such a place leave it as fast as possible. Always stop at the side of the slope.

RESPECT FOR SIGNS & MARKINGS – Observe the signs on the ski runs and follow the instructions displayed on information panels located in the ski resort. Obey the Mountain Rescue Service instructions and respect cautions and marks on the ski runs as well as in terrain.

ASCEND & DESCEND – Walking up or down the slope is permitted only at its edges and with particular caution in places with restricted visibility.

ASSISTANCE AT ACCIDENTS & FIRST AID – In case of an accident you are obliged to provide the first aid and assistance and report the incident to the nearest member of staff or Mountain Rescue Service.

SKI EQUIPMENT SAFETY – Skiers are only allowed to use ski equipment in status assured by manufacturer to be safe for usage of the product and secured against spontaneous loosening of a ski or any other part of the equipment.

SKIPASS WITHDRAWAL – Employees of Winter Park Martinky are responsible for ski resort monitoring. In case of violation of the Code of Conduct or other inappropriate behaviour they are qualified to hold back the ski pass without claim for reimbursement.

Visitor Code of Conduct

Visitors to the ski resort Winter Park Martinky are obliged to abide by the provisions of the Visitor Code of Conduct as well as the Ski Run Code of Conduct. In case of violation of these codes and rules the visitor may be withdrawn their ticket without compensation.

  1. Ski and snowboard on the marked ski runs only, follow the rules and signs.
  2. Do not enter the ski runs, ski or snowboard under the influence of alcohol or other narcotic substances.
  3. Do not stop in the middle of a ski run without reason.
  4. Do not build slalom tracks, ski jumps, barriers or other terreain obstacles without permission.
  5. Enter the Snowboard Park at your own risk.
  6. Do not use private snowmobiles.
  7. Follow the instructions of ski centre staff and Mountain Rescue Service members.
  8. Report every injury to the Mountain Rescue Service members or any ski resort employee.
  9. Enable crossing of the Mountain Rescue Service snowmobiles and transport equipment.
  10. Present your ID card upon request from any member of the Mountain Rescue Service or any ski resort employee.
  11. Use edges of the ski run when walking.
  12. Take care of the environment in the whole area and do not pollute it.
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